The Hunting Dog

Picture: Jetty v.d. Bismarckquelle

Our dogs are successful hunting dogs as well. When our daughters were younger they went with their dogs on hunting trials and were successful at many different examinations. Nowadays they unfortunately don't have time for this anymore.

But still we can be very proud that our dogs - that are mainly bred for the shows - are very successful hunting dogs on national and international hunting trials as well. They prove that the hunting spirit is still in the Fox Terrier and just need to be in the right hands.

Picture: Rea v.d. Bismarckquelle Picture: Nerac v.d. Bismarckquelle
"Rea v. d. Bismarckquelle"
Dt.Ch. (VDH)
Junghund- u. Zuchtprüfung
Bauprüfung, Erdhund Fuchs
Schweißprüfung, Schweißhund
"Nerac v. d. Bismarckquelle"
Dän/Dt/Int.Ch., JCh.
Junghund-, Gebrauchs- u. Schweißprüfung
Bauhund Fuchs

For choosing a hunting dog it is important to know the temperament and the talents of the parents and the puppies. As hunter and breeder I am more than happy to help you choosing the right one!


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