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Wire Smooth

25 Years Fox Terrier Kennel "von der Bismarckquelle", [48.55 KB] In almost 50 years of passionated breeding our kennel has produced 19 World or Worldjunior-Winner, almost 60 International Champion and 70 German Champion. At our 25 years kennel anniversary we had 4 World Winner living in our kennel at the same time.
The "von der Bismarckquelle" Fox Terrier and their offspring are known all over the World. Our Dogs that live or lived in other countries like for example Finland, Sweden, Danmark, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Polen, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Brasil, Canada and USA, became Champion in their countries. Some of them had a strong impact on the breed in these countries.

You find some of our successful dogs - Wire und Smooth - on the following pages. A click on the picture gives you an enlargement of the single dog.

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